Grade 7

Grade 7 has been a good year for me, but it had a lot of changes from last year. One of the biggest changes for me was swithcing schoools, I had been at Kawartha Heights my whole life so coming to James Strath was a big change.  I like it here though and now after just a year it feels like i’ve been here forever. I made a lot of friends through the year and have had a lot of fun. It’s been a good year for me though I’ve had a good teacher and a good class.  Also we have gone on a ton of great trips. We went to the movies twice, and they were both good movies. we went to jackson park at the start of the year too and took photography. Those aren’t all either we went on a lot of trips over the year and I really enjoyed them. I like Strath and the people here and I’m looking forward to grade 8, I hope it will be as good as this one. It was a good year and it went by really fast too, so this year will be a year I always remember.

How to stay safe

Being on the internet can be a lot of fun, and it’s getting better all the time, but if you’re not safe it can turn out really bad and not just for you. If you’re not safe on the internet or make bad descisions it will cause you huge problems. Often the police get involved too, but you aren’t just hurting yourself.  What you post or do has a real impact on the people around you and can end up making them really upset. You have to keep in mind that the things you do or say on the internet are real and they will stick with you forever so you really have to make sure you think before you do something.

No one goes on the internet to get in trouble or to d0 something that is illegal, but it happens, a lot. Most of this happens beacause people just aren’t careful or they make a really bad descision without thinking. So most of this could be avoided if peopole knew what to look for and how to stay safe. One of the most important things to do is really just to think about what you are doing and ask yourself, is this the right thing to do or, is this safe?

It’s a great thing to ask yourself those questions but sometimes it’s hard to tell whats safe or what you should do. What you need to do is when signing up for a site or anything like that see what they are asking you and decide if you really want people knowing all that information.If you have email you probably get tons of junkmail and that’s because if you enter your email in a site they often give it to people. You may think that the sites only use your information to sign you up but the truth is many websites will sell your information facebook being one of them. One thing you can do is look to see if they have a privacy policy, and see what it says about what they do after you’ve sighned up.

 One of the most dangerous type of websites are social ones, like facebook and twitter. These can show way too much information about you even with privacy settings. Plus Most people aren’t careful about their friends on these sites. Other than just your information though these sites are also where people make  bad descisions about pictures, posts and many other things. this is what you always need to think about what you’re doing or you’ll be in a top of trouble. I hope that I will always  be safe on the internet, but I know that I will always try and always think about what I’m doing.

Peterborough Ontario

I was born in Bomanville Ontario in 1999, I moved to peterborough when I was about four years old so it’s been my home for almost as long as I can remember. Peterborough is a relatively small city with somwhere around 76000 people. I think that it’s a pretty good city to live in.

Peterborough is a pretty quiet city but it does have some really cool things about it too. One of the biggest attractions are the liftlocks I’ve been there a few times and it’s pretty cool.


Also I go to school in peterborough. It’s a nice school and not too far away so I like it. Another good thing is the mall we have. It’s pretty big and has a ton of stores. You can get pretty much anything there

One of the best things here though is all the sports you can play, There are a lot of things you can chose from and it’s really fun. Peterborough doesn’t have a ton of amazing things but I like it here and for me it’s a great place to live!


I personally don’t mind blogging, I don’t really like it but it is a lot better than writing in a jounal or notebook or something like that. This is mostly becuse I like using computers and it is really cool to do your writing work on the computers. So I really hope that we keep blogging.

Another good thing about it is that it has really helped me improve as a writer and learn a lot of new ways to write and blog. Over the time we’ve spent using these i’ve learned how to change my backround,add cool things to my blog add pictures and so much more. But one of the most important things I learned was about how to stay safe while using my blog. I learned to not give my full name and to not write about my personal information along with a lot of other things to keep me safe. I will remember all the things I learned from this forever and they will always help me whenever I need to use those skills.

Blogging has been a good part of this year and I am glad we decided to use them. Honestly I am dreading next year, our teacher is great at letting us use technology and have fun but I doubt oher teachers will be as good.

The Walkerton Tragedy

Walkerton is a small town of about five thousand people located around fifty killometers from lake Huron. In 2000 Many people living there started showing signs of an E.coli infection. This was because of an infected water supply from Walkerton Public Utilities Commission. In the end it ultimately affected around half of the town’s population and killed at least seven people.

This was a horrible tragedy that affected many lives, so it is important to realize why it happened to help prevent it in the future. The actual infection of the water was caused from farm runoff into a well. The well was already known to be vulnerable to contamination, but no precautions were taken. This may have been prevented but neither the manager or the water foreman had any real training and the water foreman was often drinking. Even after people exhibited symptoms and the water showed signs of the bacteria neither would admit that the water was infected. That was one of the reasons that so many people died, if they had of admitted the water was infected the people may have been treated in time.

In the end this ended up costing canada an estimated $64-155 million dollars. Also an inquiry was led against The Walkerton Public Utilities Commission. Also the water foreman got nine months of house arrest and the manager got a year in jail. Although this tradgedy was horrible in the end some good did come out of it. After the inquiry was finished several reccomondations about improving water quality and public health were made by the Ontaario clean water agency and all of them were accepted by the government. This has changed standards and policies not just in Ontario, but all across Canada. So at least now hopefuly these mistakes will not be repeated.

My opinion on opinion writing

I personally think that it really sucks that the whole class has to do an opinion writing. It’s boring and I hate having to come up with my own topic for writing, it’s pointless. I mean seriously I sat here for half the class trying to decide what to write about, and in the end does it really matter?

So for all the time I have spent writing this and all the time I will continue to spend we could be learning something way more important, or just having fun. Sure this helps with our writing skills and stuff but does it actually teach us anything, do we actually learn? Plus even if we did learn a lot it wouldn’t make it any more fun, I just really don’t like having to do it, just think if we just skipped this we could all go outside, do some physical activity that kind of stuff. Now that would be a good school day.

Well I think school should be less focused on all this writing stuff and more focused on fun physical activity. All over the news and media they’re talking about a huge issue. Obesiety, unhealthyness, lack of physical activity. And part of what is causing this is school, we sit on our butts all day and have gym twice a week, twice. when my parents were kids they had gym everyday. And people will say that they could do stuff at home and lots of kids do but some kids teachers give tons of homework (our teacher never does but for some kids) and they don’t have time. All I’m saying is maybe our time could be better spent.

Free entry

Well to be honest I couldn’t really think of a topic for this so I decided that I’ll just do it on my Iphone. Anyways in my opinion the iphone is the best phone you can get. This is for a lot of reasons like that it has a great touch screen and awesome texting. Also you can use it like an Ipod for music or games.

It’s not just about the games or texting though. It also has tons of cool and unique features. It’s got great web browsing, calendars, notifacations and basically anything else you’d need.

All of those things are great, but one of the best things about it for me is the app store. the app store has hundreds of thousands of games that can be a lot of fun, and a lot of them are free. But it’s not just good for games though, they say there’s an app for everything and it’s pretty much true. They have apps for working out, apps for cooking, apps for almost anything. Like I said I think the Iphone is the best phone out there, It has tons of unique features, games and is just an over all reliable and great phone.

The Hunger Games Movie

Our class read the Hunger Games book together and after it was finished we all went to see the movie. I thought it was a pretty good movie but it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. This may just have been because my expectations were to high or because we read book but for whatever reason I thought it would be a bit better, it was still a good movie though.

One of the main things that I didn’t like was how rushed the actual game was, I know it all had to fit into an hour and a half but they took a lot out of it. Also for the most part I thought the actors fit the characters really well but I really din’t like Katniss. For me she just looked different then what I thought she looked like.

Other than those things and maybe a few others the rest of it was pretty good. There were a lot of great things about this movie too, the one thing that I really liked was the fight scenes they were very well done and wern’t too violent so younger audiences could watch it. And that was just one of the great things. So for me there were good and bad parts of this movie, and although it wasn’t as good as I hoped it was still a good movie, and my overall rating is 7/10.

The Hunger Games

I think the Hunger Games was a really good book and was a lot of fun to read. I hope the movie will be good too but I know that movies aren’t usually as good as the books.

One thing I really liked about the book was how the story was told, it kept me interested through the whole thing and made me really want to read more. The other thing that made this book so great is the storyline, the idea of a world so different from our’s was really cool.

I also really want to see the movie it should be a lot of fun. The book was great and a lot of people say that the movie was good too so I think it’s going to be fun to watch. Also we’re going as a class and we’re going to miss school so that’s always good too.

Thoughts about my presentation

I thought that my presentation was pretty good but there are a few things I think I would change. One of the main things I would change is that I would put in static and dynamic loads. Because looking back I didn’t do a lot on the forces that act on the structure. Also I might have said things other than that were right on the page. But overall I think I did a good job and I really liked using prezi. I think it was good that we did this presentation because it was a learning experience for the class.