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Well to be honest I couldn’t really think of a topic for this so I decided that I’ll just do it on my Iphone. Anyways in my opinion the iphone is the best phone you can get. This is for a lot of reasons like that it has a great touch screen and awesome texting. Also you can use it like an Ipod for music or games.

It’s not just about the games or texting though. It also has tons of cool and unique features. It’s got great web browsing, calendars, notifacations and basically anything else you’d need.

All of those things are great, but one of the best things about it for me is the app store. the app store has hundreds of thousands of games that can be a lot of fun, and a lot of them are free. But it’s not just good for games though, they say there’s an app for everything and it’s pretty much true. They have apps for working out, apps for cooking, apps for almost anything. Like I said I think the Iphone is the best phone out there, It has tons of unique features, games and is just an over all reliable and great phone.

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  1. And it is the coolest phone going as well. I also love my iPhone – it is the one piece of technology I couldn’t do without!

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